Jeff Sussna writes in “Crossing the Ocean With Containers”:

The constraint that gates a company’s ability to absorb change often isn’t a new technology itself, but rather the ability to hire people who can comprehend the implications of that technology, and who can operate it based on that understanding.

The computer and technology industry has always moved quickly, and practitioners have to keep up to stay relevant in a shifting field. For software developers and engineers, there is always the latest trends in data storage and management, frameworks, languages, testing processes, build systems, source code management, application deployment methods, software orchestration, and so on.

This multitude of options and shifting technological landscape poses certain challenges to individual developers in choosing the best tools and processes for their work. This is important to help solve immediate problems and challenges, but also to further their general expertise, career wise, and to satisfy curiosities.

But as Jeff Sussna clarifies, it poses an even larger challenge for companies that need to attract the right people that take advantage of the right tools and understand the technological choices that are being made, for the long term.